Carolina Cortella


This film depicts two Argentinian couples struggling with different levels of commitment and expectations. Sofia and Julian are getting ready to move in together, but it’s unclear whether they’re on the same page. Julian’s sister Romina is back from a trip to Australia, where her boyfriend Sebas, waits for her. LAS TRAMPAS translates to ‘The Traps,’ and in just several minutes Cortella manages to weave together a story that questions the traps we lay, and who ends up getting caught.

Directed by: Carolina Cortella

Cast: Jazmin Carballo, Carolina Cortella, Nico Duarte, Manuel Galíndez y Trevor Dean Miller

Production: Carolina Cortella
Written by: Jazmin Carballo y Carolina Cortella
Director of photography: Demian Scalona
Camera: Julián Julian Vey
Production Designer: Magdalena Peralta Antivero
Sound: Mariana Zalazar
Edited by: Carolina Cortella

Gracias Vanesa Gemelli


Three Young women are locked inside an apartment sharing their loneliness during a whole night until the sunrise. Love is idealized and distorted into a selfish and impossible concept, where the postmodern desire is the only possible utopia we can rely on.

Directed by: Carolina Cortella
Starring: katia szechtman, Flavia noguera and Carolina Cortella
Cinematography by: Sebastian Cardona
Script and Production by: Carolina Cortella


This movie talks how long distance relationships can create some much haze between them. A young artist that lives in Buenos Aires had a romance with a man that lives in LA. She travels to the US from the East coast to the West coast, although taking several risks, she avoids meeting with him. She and her friend in Argentina exchange voice message during the trip.

Writer, Director, Producer and Camera: Carolina Cortella
Editor: Julian Vey
Voices: Katia Szechtman and Carolina Cortella
Sound mix: Nico Staub and Marcos Canosa
Color Correction: Joel McWilliams
Graphic Designer: Nazareth Benuzio


An unusual fog covers LA, a conversation between three friends about playing Basketball at night.
Directed by Carolina Cortella

Cinematography + Edition by Carolina Cortella 

Voices by Anthony Loomis, Trevor Dean Miller and Carolina Cortella


Directed by Carolina Cortella

Cast: Sofia Palomino

Cinematography + Edition by Carolina Cortella

Voice by Carolina Cortella

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